The Recreational program will introduce young boys and girls to the sport of synchronized swimming. Participants will be training in flexibility, core strength, basic swimming and synchronized swimming skills. The group meets for 2 ½ hours on Saturdays. Recreational swimmers will perform in our water shows.


Minimum age 6 years. Must be proficient in breast stroke, confident in deep water and able to swim a minimum of 25m unassisted. Swimmers will be assessed in their first week of attendance.


The Novice/Intermediate program is designed for the swimmer who wants to compete. At this level, the athletic training includes a broader range of synchronized swimming skills and techniques, along with age-appropriate strength and flexibility skills. The Novice athletes practice on Saturday and Tuesday for a total of 5 hrs per week. Intermediate athletes practice Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Both of these programs are eligible to compete in local and regional invitational meets, as well as perform at water shows.


The Competitive swimmers train to compete at local, regional, national, and international meets. The athletic training schedule includes at least four pool practices per week, plus additional dryland work. These swimmers are committed, goal oriented athletes driven by a love of the sport and a desire to achieve personal success.

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